Soccer AM Program

The “Soccer AM” program is your football lesson before normal school classes begin every day.

Like nearly all skill and talent training, the development of football technique and understanding needs repetition and consistency.

Like other before school regimes of music tuition and swimming squads, “Soccer AM” provides this repetition, consistency and opportunity for dedication, to allow you to reach your potential as a footballer.

The 45 minute sessions before school (6.45am – 7.30am), provide a great way to show your dedication to personal improvement without encroaching on afternoon team training sessions. The regular (2 sessions/week) routine will undoubtedly provide a huge improvement to skills and technique.

The Soccer AM program runs in 8 week blocks, aligned with the school terms. Small groups of 4 – 8 players, matched by age and ability, will operate Monday – Friday throughout the program.

Each program for each group will be professionally planned, and logically progress through various stages of skills acquisition and technical knowledge of the game. The repetition of the touch of the football will be enhanced by regular whiteboard schooling sessions, so players get a greater understanding of the technical aspects of the game.

Each group will have a dedicated and qualified coach. Jobe Wheelhouse will personally develop the skills program and personally oversee every session, identifying talented players for further advancement.

Each 8 week program is priced at $480 per player (discounts will apply for multiple students from one family). Each group will train twice per week throughout the 8 week program.

To discuss the “Soccer AM” program initiative, including an age and grading assessment, as well as the mid-week schedule, click here and register your initial interest, or call Jobe direct for a discussion.

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