Full Time Program

JWF's newest program combines both club training and JWF sessions complimenting each other. We operate our program in line with the school terms for the entire year.

Finishing School

A unique program focussing on the skills & technique required to both create & finish goal scoring opportunities.

Starters 2 Stars

The foundation program designed for young players to develop skills and unlock their natural potential.

Commitment · Dedication · Success

For me, Football has always been my passion and for as long as I can remember I’ve set goals, trained hard to improve my skills and become the best player I could be.

At Jobe Wheelhouse Football we have the same philosophy and strive to instill this dedication and work ethic in every young player.

Since leaving the playing ranks of professional football I’ve been working on combining my passion for the game with my other love, the development of young footballers. 

The JWF mission is to provide every player that comes through our programs with the opportunity to reach their goals and be their best.

Although we encourage enjoyment and freedom, we have also created an environment that challenges players to excel. The programs are also tailoured to suit a broad range of player abilities.

Our players are exposed to experienced coaches in either private classes or the range of small group programs. The unique programs or the private groups provide a broad range to suit a variety of alternatives for each individual.

At JWF we believe that a happy player on the field, becomes a more complete person off the field.

Jobe Wheelhouse Football News


Jobe has been training my son Blake for over a year now and I have nothing but praise for the way he conducts himself with all the kids. Blake looks forward to his session with Jobe every week and can't wait to try and impress him with his skills. I highly recommend Jobe Wheelhouse Football to anyone who has a young football player looking to improve their skills. He is a great trainer and all the kids love him.