JWF's newest program!

Our full time program provides a consistent learning environment for all of our players to further develop their skills in all aspects of the game.

We use weekly small group training to develop players as individuals which directly reflects their performance for their team come the weekend. We include small game based sessions throughout the term to assess where each player is at individually in a friendly environment which gives us the ability to improve each player with personalised advice. 

We coach in a professional setting where the players will work on game components including balance, speed and agility. These will be incorporated into every session. 

We also pride ourselves on our player management skills, emphasising to them the importance of confidence, self belief and a strong balanced mind for reaching the next level in football. We mentor all players through the program and are always available to help specific players when brought to our attention via parents or the player that may require guidance at different times.

Our Full Time Program sees our most dedicated JWF players improve week by week. 

The program is available for full year or term by term enrolment.

We can't wait to see you there!


**JWF Full Time Players have access to all other JWF programs at half price throughout the year. (Excluding JWF Finishing School Camp in January)

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