Private Tuition Program


The JWF private coaching sessions are for all age groups and abilities.

Private coaching sessions are flexible and can be tailored to the needs of each student. The private coaching sessions can supplement a players participation in normal competition matches or the other JWF programs.

The accredited and experienced JWF coaches will be able to focus their undivided attention on the player and provide tailored and individual advice and programs for the development of the player.

Ideally players will have participated in two private sessions with JWF coaches before placement in the small private group or upcoming JWF programs.

The private sessions will allow the JWF coach a better understanding of each players strengths and weaknesses, providing tips and tuition on areas to focus for the optimum advancement.

Obviously the individual tuition at a private coaching sessions provides players with the motivation and tools to stay sharp and continue to really accelerate their skill base and learning, over and above normal team based coaching, competition play and other programs.

Private tuition can be conducted either at the JWF “home base” at Arthur Edden Oval at New Lambton, or at a venue close to you.

Duration (minutes)
Group Size 30 45 60
1 $75 (per player) $110 (per player) N/A
2-4 $45 (per player) $70 (per player) $80 (per player)
Team (9-15) N/A N/A $400 (per team)
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